EU-Latin America Convention on Raw Materials

25 - 26 November 2021

The EU-Latin America Convention on Raw Materials, organised in the framework of the EU-Latin Ameri-can Partnership on Raw Materials, brings together the mineral raw materials community including poli-cy makers, industry, the private sector, and researchers in the EU and Latin America. It seeks to promote cooperation and direct knowledge exchange between the EU and Latin American partner countries, based on their common interests, goals and shared values. The Partnership aims to move a step further towards integration of strategic industrial value chains for both regions, exploring new business models and adding value to society, while maintaining high environmental and social standards at the core of this partnership.


In the face of climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic, mining and related industries are undergoing unprecedented changes. Never before has the pressure for sustainable production and resilient supply chains been so strong. With its European Green Deal, the EU strives to build a digital and net-zero econ-omy and its Action Plan on Critical Raw Materials aims to ensure access to minerals for key industrial ecosystems such as renewable energy, e-mobility, and digital innovation. The pandemic has highlighted the need of building integrated, sustainable and transparent value chains, from mine to consumers.

Mining is also a vital sector in Latin American economies, delivering revenues needed for financing pub-lic investment in sustainable development. Yet the industry also causes impacts on the environment and local communities. Mining and related industries are required to reduce their impact on ecosystems and communities, and to adopt practices that deliver wellbeing for the local population. To ensure long-term economic benefits of mining, Latin American countries also seek to move up the minerals-based value chains and establish domestic industries that create added value in the sector.

The EU and Latin America can overcome these challenges if they work together. With enhanced coop-eration for sustainable, integrated value chains, the mining sector and downstream industries can con-tribute to a green recovery and a just transition towards carbon-neutral economies.

The EU-Latin America Convention on Raw Materials will deliver insights on sustainability in minerals-based value chains between the EU and Latin America. It offers a space for jointly charting pathways towards building resilient value chains between the EU and Latin America based on sustainable and responsible mining practices.

Starting with a high-level political event on the first day, the Conference will offer a programme of key thematic sessions during the second day. Networking opportunities including a virtual poster session will be organised to facilitate contacts and exchange among participants.

Simultaneous interpretation for participants in English, Spanish and Portuguese will be available both days except for the networking event. The event is free of charge.


Download the preliminary agenda here.


More information coming up soon…


More information coming up soon…


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